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Five reasons why working in a zoo is more than just monkeying around - and why it’s a sector to consider for your next job

Working in a zoo is throwing fish to sea lions and making sure the monkeys aren’t trying to escape, right? Not exactly...

Life in a zoo is much, much more than helping an elephant play the harmonica (yes, that actually happened!) - however fun that sounds! Put simply, zoos need more than just animals and keepers to function as a sustainable business and attraction enjoyed by millions upon millions of people each year.

This is where YOU come in. Here are five reasons why working in a zoo could be a step in the right direction.

Wide variety of career paths

Whether full-time or part-time there’s a path for everyone who wants to work in a zoo. And zoos are open all year round, so seasonal team members are needed alongside a core team of permanent employees.

Whilst the thought of snuggling pocket-sized baby sloths sounds amazing, zoo’s also need a wide range of professionals just as much as they require animal keepers. The types of jobs you'll find in zoos include:

  • Animal Keepers, Zoo Curators & Education Rangers
  • Retail, Guest Experience, & Customer Service Assistants
  • Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, HR & Administration professionals
  • Health & Safety, First Aid & Security
  • Research, Conservation & Events Rangers
  • Operations & Senior Management
  • Facilities Managers, Horticulturists and Cleansing Rangers
  • Catering, Food & Beverage + many more!

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Jobs available at any educational level 

There’s a wide variety of jobs available for those with (or without) qualifications of all shape and sizes. 

From qualified veterinarians and biologists, to chartered marketing and HR professionals, and entry level guest experience assistants, everyone has a huge part in making the zoo experience one to remember.

Daily contact with animals. Lots of animals

Arguably the reason why working in a zoo appeals to a wide-range of people. Whether you are in direct contact as a keeper or plotting the marketing strategy in an office, you’ll likely be saying good morning to a meerkat or two on your way in to work. What’s not to love about that?

No two days are the same

Working with, or close to, animals means life is never boring. On a daily basis challenges will be presented in many guises and that’s what keeps things interesting. It’s hard enough to predict human behaviour, so imagine trying to second guess a rhino!

Working with like-minded people 

It perhaps goes without saying that those choosing to work in a zoo will have a passion for animal conservation and for providing amazing experiences for visitors, whether that role is animal or customer facing – or through a professional / office support / commercial role. Spending all your working day with those that share a similar passion can only be a good thing, right?

If that’s got you thinking about working in a zoo – find the latest job vacancies here: https://www.jobsinzoos.co.uk/jobs/search 

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