Three in five would not work for company that doesn’t share values

Nearly three in five (58%) workers would not work for a company that does not share the same values as them – and not even a pay rise would change the minds of 53%, research by LinkedIn has found.

Two-thirds of people in the UK consider it important to work for a company with values that align with theirs, with work-life balance (62%), career growth and learning (43%), and equality, diversity and inclusion (37%) among workers’ top priorities when looking for a job.

It found this shift was mainly driven by Gen-Z and Millennials, with nine in 10 saying they would leave a job to work somewhere that better matches their values, and 57% viewing an incompatibility in values as a deal breaker.

Global LinkedIn data showed that job adverts that mention values like workplace culture, flexibility and wellbeing receive nearly twice as many applications today than they did two years ago.

The professional social network platform has rolled out a new job search filter so that job seekers can search for roles based on desirable values including work-life balance, EDI, career growth, and social impact and environmental sustainability.

Ngaire Moyes, UK country manager, at LinkedIn, said: “In today’s tight labour market, companies competing for talent need to not only be vocal about the values of their organisation, but truly live by them too.

“Our research shows that many UK professionals – particularly the younger generation – want to work for companies who share the same core values, and they are willing to walk if reality does not meet their expectations. The pandemic prompted a real shift in what people want from their career, and while salary is still the biggest factor, our research and data show that values can increasingly be as much of a deal-breaker.”

Michael Kienle, VP of global talent acquisition, L’Oréal, said: “Actions have always spoken louder than words, and Generation Z is especially careful to ensure that potential employers place purpose and benefits on the same level.

“By sharing a common purpose and basing the company’s success on economic as well as environmental and societal performance, everyone within the company can participate in having a positive impact. This is why we look for certain common values in our future talents, such as courage, responsibility and entrepreneurship, and a diversity of backgrounds and profiles.

“More than ever, potential talent needs to feel our values and purpose throughout the candidate journey. We will continue to seek out talent who not only share our values, but also have strong convictions to go even further for society and the planet.”

Zurich UK chief HR officer Steve Collinson said that advertising every role as a potential part-time, job share or flexible working opportunity has seen a 95% increase in female part-time workers at the company.

“Showcasing our company values to potential candidates is a win-win for everyone – it’s essential for a successful match. We strive to create a truly inclusive place to work and approach this through a range of ‘life stage benefits’ to support our employees through both the good times and the bad – from 16 weeks paid leave for new dads, and adoption and miscarriage leave, to support through the menopause, bereavement and helping those with caring responsibilities,” he said.

LinkedIn commissioned surveys of several groups of workers: 2,066 in March 2023, 2,038 in December 2022 and a further 2,032 in December 2022.

Its findings echoed research by corporate purpose software firm Benevity, which found 64% of Millennials will turn down a job if the company does not have a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and 83% would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social issues.

Original Article: Personnel Today

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