A business is only as strong as its people
08 Mar 2024

Stress Awareness Month, held every April, is globally recognised as a time for healthcare profession...

How to Spot and Manage Toxic Employees as Cases of Poor Workplace Culture Skyrockets
01 Mar 2024

According to workplace expert and Director of Henley Training, Colin Adams, this surge in notices ca...

Maximising generative AI’s impact: Five strategies for seamless adoption in the workplace
28 Feb 2024

As the popularity of generative AI surges and organisations aim to cultivate a culture centred on da...

Almost half of U.K. employees find their work exhausting
27 Feb 2024

46 per cent of U.K. workers are finding their work exhausting with 40 per cent feeling emotionally f...

Six most in-demand tech skills for 2024
16 Feb 2024

The top six most in-demand skills in the technology industry for 2024 have been revealed.

Employee Appreciation Gifts Your Team Will Genuinely Enjoy
15 Feb 2024

Ensuring your employees are happy and feel appreciated is crucial for building trust and loyalty.

Hiring and salary growth slowed in January
15 Feb 2024

Hiring into permanent positions fell sharply at the start of 2024, but salaries have increased at th...

70% of UK workers prefer the human touch to AI when looking for a job
12 Feb 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and is already impacting the world of work in more ways...

Embracing change: Why 2024 is the best year for a tech career transition
06 Feb 2024

The rapid pace of technological advancements is reshaping industries and creating a demand for skill...

UK small businesses report highest confidence since Covid – 80% expect to hit profit targets in 2024
05 Feb 2024

Small businesses are shrugging off high interest rate anxiety to report the highest levels of confid...

Revealed: The most desirable and highest-paying second languages for employers
05 Feb 2024

New research has revealed which second language may provide the most value when securing a job in th...

Where has all the skilled talent gone?
29 Jan 2024

As the new year gets underway, HR leaders will be kickstarting their people strategies – understandi...

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